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New research reveals employees would stay at a company longer if it reported on how it’s lowering its environmental impact

Younger generation “a force for change” research reveals

New research from BRITA Professional reveals what Generation Z and Millennials expect from employers when it comes to their workplace: sustainable buildings and sustainable working practices[1]

BRITA Professional conducted a survey of 1,000 Millennials (those born from the early 80s to mid-90s) and Generation Z (born between the mid-90s and mid-00s) on sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the workplace.

The research revealed that this younger generation highly value the sustainability credentials of their employer, with an overwhelming majority (86%) saying they would stay at a company longer if it reported back on how it is lowering its impact on the environment.

BRITA Professional’s toolkit, ‘Life is Better Filtered: Corporate School of Expertise’, was launched at an industry event to discuss its findings around next generation sustainability in the workplace.

Speakers at the event included Chris Blencowe, Sustainability Manager at Parkeray and Peter Brogan, Research and Information Manager at British Institute of Facilities Management.

The research also revealed the top three CSR objectives that matter to the younger generation:

  • An environmentally-friendly building (46%)
  • Programmes in place to support health and wellbeing, including mental health (45%)
  • Charity partnerships to get involved with (36%)

In terms of the office environment, the research also revealed the most important design elements to the younger generation are:

  • Quiet zones (52%)
  • Hydration stations (31%)
  • Comfy seating areas (31%)

Working culture, meanwhile, also requires forethought from employers say Generation Z and Millennials. This includes being flexible in terms of working hours and location (50%), openness and transparency (46%), and investment in personal development (44%).

Sarah Taylor, Managing Director of BRITA UK, commented: “Our research shows that Generation Z and Millennials are a force for change. They believe in living a more sustainable life and their day to day decisions will likely reflect this. It’s now up to businesses to reflect these expectations in the workplace. Get this right and you will be rewarded with a loyal, talented and productive workforce.”

To download a copy of the ‘Life is Better Filtered: Corporate School of Expertise’ toolkit, which includes tips from industry experts on communicating sustainability plus tried and tested ideas for new initiatives:  Download here

 [1] Life is Better Filtered: Next Generation Workplace Sustainability (survey of 1,000 participants), 3GEM in collaboration with BRITA Professional, February 2019



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