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New TEL product offers “unrivalled control and energy-efficiency”

Global electronic airflow control and monitor manufacturer and consultant, Temperature Electronics Ltd (TEL), has launched the first laboratory room space controller to communicate directly with fume cupboards, affording an unrivalled degree of control, comfort and energy-efficiency.

TEL’s AFA5000 Laboratory Room Space Controller offers demand-control ventilation, allowing users easy control of a mechanical HVAC ventilation system for a space comprising up to 64 fume cupboards, without the need for a building management system (BMS).

It ensures that the air within the space maintains its optimum quantity and quality, both in terms of the safety and comfort of users and the function of the facility. By precluding the need for a BMS, the AFA5000 enables users to control the air within their facility more efficiently and reliably.

It is the only laboratory room space controller on the market to communicate directly with fume cupboard systems. These include those fitted with TEL’s AFA1000 VAV (variable airflow volume) airflow controllers.

This direct communication enables the product to obtain information regarding the precise airflow requirements of the fume cupboards, allowing air to be controlled exactly according to need, so minimising energy consumption.

The AFA5000 comprises a wall- or panel-mounted seven inch human machine interface (HMI) touchscreen and remote input/output process control block (I/O PCB), and may be user-configured via a series of templates to control ventilation based on their precise requirements.

In addition to air volume and differential pressure, users may choose a combination of a range of air quality criteria, such as temperature, humidity, CO2 and volatile organic compound (VOC) content.

The AFA5000 can control the level of air changes and the air quality in line with occupancy, so generating further energy savings. The HMI screen may be reconfigured in line with the evolving use of the laboratory, and the unit can be expanded in line with growing laboratory space.

Said TEL’s director, Richard Eady: “We’ve already experienced a considerable degree of interest in this product, and look forward to announcing in the coming months, details of an installation already underway.”

TEL works in partnership with fume cupboard manufacturers, contractors and users internationally; its products are used in thousands of laboratories and industrial environments. Its equipment is designed to enable sustainable compliance with health and safety legislation.

Established in 1969, the company provides a full service offer, spanning design consultation, product supply and installation, training and technical backup.

For more information visit www.tel-uk.com


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