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New VI1500 from Martindale takes safe isolation to another level

Now available from Martindale Electric – leaders in safe isolation – is the VI1500, part of the industry standard range of Voltage Indicators, extending safe isolation procedures into higher voltage applications

Martindale-Electric-1-MIFM-Mar15The new VI1500 has a 1000V CATIV safety rating and LED indication for AC/DC voltages from 50V to 690V and above, ensuring compliance with health and safety recommendations for safe working in all BS EN61010 installation categories. It’s the simplest and most reliable way to ensure circuits have been de-energised and properly isolated prior to maintenance and modifications.

Based on the industry endorsed VI3800, the new CATIV design not only provides improved protection against voltage transients, but also includes a high wattage resistor that will limit the current in the event of damage to the cable in accordance with BS EN61243-3. The protection is built in where it’s needed, in the handheld probe assembly rather than just in the instrument providing superior protection for the user to other testers.

Fully compliant with HSE GS38 regulations, the VI1500 comes complete with heavy duty two layer double insulated leads and features bright LEDs to clearly identify the voltage present in five levels with thresholds of up to 690V. The indicator, which requires no batteries, will identify both AC and DC sources and show polarity.

Designed in Martindale’s distinctive yellow casing with a clear blue label, to make it easily identifiable, the new VI1500 is available to purchase on its own or as part of a kit containing everything you need for on-site working. Kits includes a high voltage Martindale proving unit, combination carry case and locking off devices, enabling full compliance with health and safety recommendations for safe working which require voltage indicators to be proved before and after use and the point of isolation to be locked off with a caution notice.

For more information, please contact Martindale Electric on 01923 441717 email sales@martindale-electric.co.uk or visit www.martindale-electric.co.uk


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