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New wireless datalogger leads the way for cost-effective smart metering

The new COMLog smart metering datalogger from HWM’s Radio-Tech range makes energy and water monitoring easier and more convenient with the latest technology, wireless communication options and innovative data handling. With the UK Government’s Smart Metering Initiative requiring all homes and businesses to have smart meters installed by 2020, this new cost-effective commercial data logger is designed to fit the bill for almost any installation.

Compatible with any volt-free pulsed output meter, the COMLog does everything smart meter should – with added user benefits. Efficient GPRS telemetry transmits the data quickly and at low cost, and the specifically-designed low power electronics mean a battery life of over 5 years for the compact device when transmitting every 8 hours. Data output is designed to be easily integrated into 3rd party software suites directly by GPRS, via API HWM’s DataGate data transfer and fleet management portal, or viewed and analysed with the web-based HWM Online system.

The tough ABS moulded casing is IP68 rated, and inside the technology offers benefits unique in the marketplace: fast logging down to 1 second intervals for detailed consumption analysis, a comprehensive range of alarm conditions, fail-safe SMS data transmission in the event of GPRS downtime, and two-way communication for remote programming and upgrading.

A range of accessories enhance the COMLog’s features and functionality even further when required: with an external battery pack, the 5-year battery life can be maintained at 15 minute data transmission intervals.


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