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OCS commits to reducing single-use plastics across UK operations

OCS UK has launched its commitment to reducing its single-use plastic footprint.

With the launch of a new statement of intent and plan of action, OCS says it is “sharply focused on how it can limit the impact of its operations on the environment”.

The facilities management business has already taken its first steps to reduce single-use plastic waste having replaced plastic straws and sandwich bags across UK catering functions with more sustainable options and by updating its procurement process to prioritise working with suppliers who share the business’ vision.

In collaboration with waste management supplier, Reconomy, it has started an education programme to encourage all those who interact with OCS to think twice about their own plastic use and formed a steering committee including suppliers, Commercial Group and Reconomy, to consider what the business can do to reduce the use of, and improve waste management of, single-use plastics across UK operations – and then make change happen.

Bob Taylor, CEO for OCS UK Ireland & Middle East commented: “Our business touches millions of people every week, and that means that we are in a position to make positive changes. For us that means taking stock of how we manage waste across our business, being realistic about what we can do to improve, working with our suppliers and clients to ensure that improvements are made holistically, and making sustainable changes that will have a positive impact on our/ plastic use.”



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