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OCS Group promote Taylor

OCS Group has confirmed that its current public sector, healthcare and infrastructure chief executive, Bob Taylor, will step up to become the new UK chief executive officer (CEO) from 1 April 2016.

Taylor joined OCS Group in April 2014 from G4S plc where he was managing director of a £300m business unit, employing 7,500 people.

Peter Slator, OCS Group chief executive, said:

“OCS UK has clear and ambitious objectives for the future and we are delighted that we have such an experienced and driven Chief Executive to lead the business into the future”.

Taylor’s appointment comes at the end of a two-month long strategic review period, which has resulted in two UK divisions being consolidated into a more streamlined organisational structure that puts customer requirements firmly at the heart of the business.

Speaking about the changes to OCS UK, Taylor said:

“With a history of more than 115 years in facilities management, we are keen to build on our firm foundations by adapting to the requirements of our customers. The recent review gave us the opportunity to reflect on our strengths and identify areas where we can improve the business to ensure that we continue serving our customers to a high standard for many years to come.”


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