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Omnidox proves a Revelation for Finance Management at the Treasury Solicitorǃ

Omnidox CLOUD based Invoice Processing solution from award winning document management business, Box-it UK, is delivering significant benefits to the financial management team at the Treasury Solicitor’s Department (TSol) in London, in particular to its accounts payable team.

The Treasury Solicitor’s Department is the largest provider of legal services across government employing in the region of 1,100 people, half of which are solicitors or barristers, and has some 180 clients across the public sector. The busy department receives over 2000 invoices for payment per month.

The accounts payable team had previously used a manual invoice processing system that was time-consuming and labour-intensive, with very little management information linked to the invoices, which could sometimes lead to delays and bottlenecks.

Early in 2008, new management of the finance team recognised the need for change, based on a desire to look for more efficient ways of working. Around the same, it was announced that all government departments had a target to pay bills within ten working days. This marked a turning point for TSol to implement greater efficiencies through secure, fully automated electronic invoice processing with improved control, visibility and information.

Omnidox provides a simple, accurate fully integrated invoice-processing solution now interfaced to TSol’s financial system with full visibility of progress. Omnidox went live at TSol in December 2009 and has since ‘transformed finance management’ in terms of invoice control, processing speed, accuracy as well as providing a comprehensive electronic audit trail. Invoice authorisation is much faster and payment is subsequently quicker with less room for error as Omnidox accurately identifies any duplicate invoices. Also, invoice retrieval now takes seconds rather than days, saving time when working with audit teams or when resolving queries.

Within four months, TSol’s finance management witnessed significant return on investment and once the system was fully embedded, realised a saving of some

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