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Orbis steel screens help businesses to guard against squatters

Vacant property management expert Orbis warns businesses to secure their properties as soon as they become vacant to protect against squatters using Orbis steel screens.

This advice follows the news that squatters have prevented an art gallery manager in Brighton from opening his new gallery. The squatters took over the city centre building the day after it was vacated by the previous business.

Squatting in commercial property is still dealt with in the civil courts and evictions can often take a long time. Many small businesses think they are immune to being targeted but it’s their size and lack of preparation that often makes them perfect targets for squatters.

Orbis strongly recommends securing a property from the minute it becomes vacant, even if the property will only be empty for a short time. Physical security measures such as steel screens on doors and windows are often recommended but other measures such as electronic security systems and manned guards may be necessary depending on the property and its location.

Boarding up windows and doors is often a popular choice for small businesses. But wooden boards are a potential fire hazard and can be easy for intruders to remove anyway. Orbis steel screens, made from high-strength, heavy-duty electro zinc coated steel, pose no fire risk, are demountable and robust, and can be easily installed with minimal damage to fixtures.

For more information visit www.orbisprotect.com, email info@orbisprotect.com or call 0800 083 0850.


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