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Overcoming business challenges

Is your organisation facing rising property and facilities management costs or falling productivity? How about a need for improved building security, greater infrastructure asset resilience, or a demand for meaningful workplace wellbeing offerings that will drive talent attraction and retention? If so, you’re not alone.

The industry sector your organisation belongs to will typically determine the greatest challenge you wish to address. Manufacturing companies, for example, are exploring ways to reduce the downtime of infrastructure assets that will affect their bottom line, while financial services companies are more focused on greater security. Retail businesses want to lean in to technology to reduce inventory losses, whereas healthcare providers want more transparency of their estates to help identify efficiencies and reduce costs.

Yet when faced with finding solutions to these diverse challenges – often while being simultaneously asked to achieve more with less – organisations across all sectors are understandably looking to digital transformation for the answers.

Winning the digital revolution
The reason is clear. Data, and the internet of things, have long been held up as the solution to almost every workplace challenge. Yet, it’s not the organisations with the greatest amount of data that will be the winners of the digital revolution, but rather those with the intelligence and tools to interpret and draw out actionable insights from that data.

At Mitie, we believe that better buildings result in better working lives. And that by embracing our market-leading, technology-enabled integrated facilities management services we help our customers to create exceptional, high-performance working environments, that empower and inspire their people to achieve the exceptional, every day.

This includes capturing those data-driven insights we mentioned before, thanks to the introduction of our Connected Workspace service.

But what is the Connected Workspace?  Why not explore www.connectedworkspace.com and see how Mitie can ensure your organisation is at the forefront of the digital transformation of facilities management?

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