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Pareto FM to complete group skydive for Cancer Research UK

Pareto FM is raising funds for Cancer Research UK in the form of a group sky dive, due to take place on 1st September 2018.

The sky dive is one of the highest within the UK, we will see the team jump from 15,000 ft which includes a sixty second free fall.

Andrew Hulbert, Managing Director, commented: “We have all been directly affected by cancer, whether it’s family, friends or colleagues. It’s a life altering illness and incredibly disruptive to the lives of those it affects. Within Pareto FM, three of our colleagues, have been diagnosed with cancer in the last 4 weeks. Pareto’s ethos has always been to be hugely supportive of and engaged with our team members, so we wanted to do something to show that support them and simultaneously recognise the incredible work of Cancer Research UK”

In terms of the high number of jumpers “We went to our team of 30 managers, expecting a couple of them to say they were interested and eight of them came back to say they wanted in! Furthermore, three of them are petrified of heights, but wanted to show their support. We thought this was a great opportunity to show the Pareto FM community spirit and raise a good amount of money for the chosen charity.”

Pareto FM have fully funded all eight jumpers, so any money raised will go directly to Cancer Research UK.

Those who wish to support the group sky dive can donate on the line below:  https://tinyurl.com/ParetoGroupSkyDive

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