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P&G Professional, makers of Flash All Purpose Cleaner, present Flash 3in1, developed to provide the perfect first impression

• Flash 3in1 multi-surface cleaner cleans and disinfects in one go, eliminating 99.99% of bacteria and cleaning greasy streaks and finger marks on interior surfaces including tables, desks, chairs, telephones, door handles and glass
• Flash 3in1 spray provides a high quality multi-surface, kitchen and sanitary cleaning solution designed to deliver better value with every dose

P&G Professional (www.pgpro.co.uk), makers of the popular Flash All Purpose Cleaner, presents Flash 3in1, a simple and effective multi-surface cleaner, developed to help businesses provide the perfect first impression. Flash 3in1 has been designed to provide three products in one, a disinfectant, surface and glass cleaner, helping to deliver better value for hospitality professionals.

The spray’s disinfecting properties eliminate 99.99% of bacteria while it effectively cleans greasy streaks and uses alcohol to leave glass streak free. Flash 3in1 is a product that ensures hospitality operators are best equipped to give their guests the perfect experience.

When staying away from home and eating out, guests are acutely aware of cleanliness standards and naturally expect attention to the small details. Their first impression can make or break a business’ reputation. While it takes years of hard work and determination to build up a reputation, it can take only a small lapse in cleanliness and hygiene to bring about the downfall of an establishment.

On average, hospitality operators spend about £124.45 each month on cleaning products – that’s almost a whopping £1,500 each year. Therefore, professionals need products they can trust, they need to use a product that they know will provide the perfect clean. Using a brand they trust, helps businesses to reduce risk and guarantee a high standard of clean, the first time, every time.

Commenting on Flash 3in1, Mark Porst, commercial director UK & Ireland for P&G Professional said: “We are determined to help hospitality businesses thrive in an increasingly tough and competitive business environment. Flash 3in1 is a high quality product that replaces three products with just one, making it easier and cheaper to clean your business – combine with the efficiency and trustworthiness of a well-known brand and you have a winning solution for busy operators.”

For more information about Flash 3in1 and P&G Professional, please visit www.pgpro.co.uk.


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