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PHS releases second Corporate Responsibility Report

The PHS Group’s 2011/2012 Corporate Responsibility (CR) Report covers its environmental and community support achievements last year, notably a 6.7% reduction in carbon output, Carbon Trust certification for PHS’ sanitary disposal service and drinking water dispenser service, the recycling of 23% of sanitary and nappy waste (moving it away from landfill) and a surge in employee volunteering to more than double last year’s figure. This is the second CR Report issued by PHS, and the first since the appointment of Gareth Rhys Williams as Group Chief Executive in May 2012.

The Report updates on progress made last financial year against the challenging performance targets PHS set itself in areas including Health & Safety, Environment, People and Community. It also identifies areas where the Group feels it needs to do more.

Gareth Rhys Williams, Group Chief Executive, comments: “During my time with PHS, I have been pleased to observe wide recognition, amongst employees at all levels, that our impact on society is about more than our financial performance. Naturally, whilst continuing to be a profitable and stable economic business is essential for all our stakeholders, we can confidently say that the PHS Group also strives to play a broader, positive role.

“Regularly reviewing progress against the targets in our CR strategy, through the annual reporting process, demonstrates PHS’ recognition of its wider responsibilities and our commitment to evolving our approach to being a more sustainable business. This is a natural development in an organisation which has had environmental protection at the heart of its business proposition since its founding 50 years ago.”

Key developments included in PHS’ 2011/2012 CR Report are:

  • Achievement of the Carbon Trust’s Carbon Reduction Label, for both its sanitary disposal unit exchange service and its drinking water dispenser service (marking ‘world firsts’ in both service sectors). These services now provide externally verified data on carbon performance, thereby helping customers to make informed purchasing decisions of their own.
  • Reduction in the total amount of carbon generated by PHS, per £ of turnover, by 6.7% (which is well on the way to achieving the Group’s three year target of a 10% reduction by 2013).
  • • Diversion of nearly a quarter (23%) of the sanitary and nappy waste collected from customers to a specialist recycling facility, allowing this waste to be processed into high-grade reclaimed plastics and fibres.
  • A 16% rise in charitable donations made by PHS (exceeding its target of 10%), and a surge in employee volunteering hours to more than double previous levels.
  • Emma Wood, PHS’ Group Sustainability Manager, said: “The list of new initiatives we can work on to improve sustainability at PHS is endless; it’s not a box you can ever tick and be finished with.

“Next year, PHS will continue to work on improving carbon management, with a focus on fuel consumption, and will also investigate practical ways of working with customers and suppliers, to address some of the bigger sustainability issues.

“As an organisation though, I also think it’s good for us to recognise and promote what we’re doing right now. There’s lots still to be done, obviously, but we should be very proud of what we’ve achieved to date, and our 2011/2012 Corporate Responsibility Report records those achievements.”

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