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Poppies Europe approved to join CHSA’s Accreditation Scheme for Soft Tissue

CHSA-Soft-Tissue-MIFM-May2014Following a comprehensive audit conducted by the Accreditation Scheme’s independent auditor, Martin Yates, Poppies Europe has been approved to join the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Scheme for Soft Tissue. During the audit and working with a complete product list Martin Yates inspected Poppies Europe’s products, processes and labels. He also reviewed the company’s quality assurance systems.

As a new member of the Accreditation Scheme, Poppies Europe will be independently audited four times in its first year of membership, reverting to the standard two audits per annum thereafter to ensure it maintains the rigorous standards it has already achieved.

Poppies Europe’s acceptance into the Accreditation Scheme follows its acquisition of the away from home division of Staples Disposables, which was a member of the Scheme.

Mike Stubbs, Chairman of the panel responsible for governing the CHSA’s Accreditation Scheme for Soft Tissue welcomed Poppies into the Scheme. “Staples Disposables has been a long standing member and active contributor to the Scheme but this didn’t give Poppies Europe automatic membership; we never compromise on the auditing process. Poppies Europe had to pass the independent inspection itself, which it did with flying colours. We’re delighted to welcome them into the Scheme.  

“The reputation of The Scheme is now more rigorous than ever. Buyers and specifiers of soft tissue products can be completely confident that they will get what they pay for when buying from a Scheme member.”



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