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The most powerful meeting room booking hardware and software solutions now linked

A+K combines OneSpace Link and EVOKO Liso to deliver the perfect meeting room management system

Anders+Kern, a leading distributor and integrator of audio visual and room booking solutions, adds to their portfolio with the introduction of OneSpace Link, the ultimate Microsoft Outlook-based plug-in application, providing every facet of meeting room management from one central point, from anywhere at any time.

OneSpace Link is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that has been designed to work seamlessly with the stylish and sleek EVOKO Liso panel, redefining the meeting room booking experience.

Synergising perfectly with the minimalistic user interface of the EVOKO panel, OneSpace Link emulates its ease of implementation and streamline functionality. This allows the end user to book multiple spaces across multiple locations with a simple click, all without having to leave their Outlook calendar, kitting out rooms with all of the services and supplies (such as catering, AV equipment…) needed to make meetings run smoothly, every time.

The real advancement the software delivers is through the deployment of the very latest in analytic reporting, unearthing detailed insights into an organisation’s meeting patterns and behaviours, enabling the optimisation of resources and the improvement of general meeting room culture. The software also lays out floor plans within the Outlook screen in intricate detail, highlighting both availability and unavailability (depicted in green and red) in real time, allowing the end user to identify rooms that meet their specific requirements at a glance. All actions made in Outlook are mirrored instantly to the corresponding panel outside the room and vice versa.

Steven Black, Managing Director of Anders+Kern, comments: “Our recent acquisition by RedstoneConnect has enabled us to bring the best in class hardware and software together to create a partnership that is truly reshaping the meeting room management landscape, delivering optimal efficiency and unrivalled effectiveness across the board. This has allowed us to creatively piece products together that we know can add real value to businesses looking to optimise their operational practices.

“OneSpace Link is continually updating and evolving with the latest technological advancements as and when they happen… and just as EVOKO are leading the charge for cutting-edge design and hassle free usability, RedstoneConnect is setting a new precedent for holistic software application development, with OneSpace Link acting as the gateway into the smart world – helping future-proof the growing ‘smart’ demands of any organisation. It is about catering for the needs of today by delivering scalable solutions that will drive tomorrow, which sees this combined transcend the like-for-like products that currently saturate the market.”

OneSpace Link can be used with Office 365, OWA, Outlook and OWA mobile; works universally with a wide range of meeting room panels, and can also be delivered as a CAPEX option.

To learn more about OneSpace Link or arrange a demonstration please contact the A+K Room Booking team on 01638 510900 or email sales@anders-kern.co.uk


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