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Quintain Estates takes significant step to reduce its energy and carbon footprint

Quintain Estates & Development PLC has selected Greenstone Carbon Management to assist with reducing its carbon footprint.

Through the implementation of Greenstone’s carbon management solution, Acco2unt, Quintain now has a transparent and robust process for managing energy consumption and carbon emissions across its property portfolio.

The London-focused regeneration company has two major development schemes at Wembley and Greenwich and £2.2bn of assets under management, specialising in healthcare and student accommodation.  Measuring the consumption and associated carbon emissions of each of its properties and identifying opportunities for improvement is a big challenge for Quintain.  Through the implementation of Acco2unt, it is now able to calculate, monitor and analyse carbon emissions from energy, waste and water data for each property as well as corporate travel.

The online Acco2unt solution provides flexible analysis dashboards that enable Quintain to compare properties and identify consumption ‘hotspots’ for energy and water use so it can make informed decisions about where to focus its reduction initiatives. Reduction targets can be set for properties, with performance monitored over time.  Acco2unt also enables Quintain to display half hourly energy data in its building foyers as a way of engaging tenants in reducing their consumption.

Louise Ellison, Head of Sustainability at Quintain, comments:  ‘The implementation of Acco2unt has made the whole process of measuring our carbon emissions easier. We particularly like the solution’s ability to identify ‘hot spots’ so that we can focus on key business activities for carbon reduction; ensuring meaningful targets are set and the associated carbon, consumption and cost savings are realised.’

Matthew de Villiers, CEO at Greenstone, comments: ‘We are finding that, as one of the largest end-users of energy, the property sector is under increasing pressure to track and monitor its environmental impact. Quintain has shown real commitment to reducing the energy and carbon footprint of its properties and the implementation of Acco2unt ensures a robust system is in place to measure, monitor and report their progress ’.


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