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Recolight expands free of charge lamp recycling services

Recolight, the UK’s specialist WEEE compliance scheme for lamps, is expanding access to lamp recycling facilities by lowering the threshold companies need to meet to qualify for free of charge lamp recycling.

Whereas previously businesses had to collect 1000 lamps every three months to be eligible to receive completely free of charge collection services, now businesses collecting 1000 lamps every six months can also benefit from Recolight’s free collection services.

The lower threshold allows more electrical contractors, facilities managers and other electrical businesses that collect smaller quantities less regularly, to arrange for their waste lamps to be recycled easily and cost-effectively.

The move is another step towards achieving Recolight’s aim of ensuring access to lamp recycling facilities for all. Last June, Recolight extended the range of collection options for businesses that did not meet the threshold of collecting over 1,000 lamps every three months, by offering a Recolight container to be leased for a nominal charge. Now these businesses have the additional option of becoming a collection point and joining Recolight’s network of over 1,100 collection points across the UK.

Nigel Harvey, Recolight’s chief executive, said: “Expanding access to waste lamp recycling is very important to us. By lowering the threshold and allowing more businesses to become collection points, we hope that as many lamps as possible will be recycled.”

Wholesale businesses becoming collection points can benefit from Recolight’s industry expertise, and from being an open collection point listed on the Recolight’s online collection point map, which enables their customers to also access free of charge lamp recycling.

They can now also benefit from a new and improved online booking system, providing a more efficient and user-friendly way of requesting free of charge collections.

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