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Recycling segregation at source gathers pace

Leafield Environmental is witnessing a trend back towards recyclate “segregation at source” in commercial, retail and higher education sectors.

“We produced our Meridian recycling bin with a 70/30 split to encourage the segregation of dry recyclables away from landfill waste,” said Phil Maddox, Managing Director of Leafield Environmental. “We are now seeing ‘segregation at source’ accelerating as our customers have realised the value of their waste streams and the bin users have become increasingly aware of their recycling responsibilities. Having two waste streams in a single bin appears to have paved the way to having three (or even more) waste streams in that same bin, as in the case of our Meridian triple lid.”

Leafield has recently introduced a centre lift-lid option for the triple Meridian bin in order to accommodate an even broader range of waste streams.

“Perhaps the move from general waste collection to complete recycling segregation was too much too soon,” continued Maddox. “Now that recycling has become entrenched in everyone’s psyche it is not such a big step to segregate at source.”

For more information visit http://leafield-environmental.com/

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