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Reduce and reuse: New home for abandoned luggage

UKWSL, OCS Group UK Limited and Birmingham Airport are working in partnership to “Reduce” and “Reuse” waste materials.

As part of their on-going commitment they have recently entered into a partnership with Newlife, a charity for disabled children.

The partnership provides for empty suitcases that are disposed of by passengers to be diverted from general waste. Instead, they are now donated to Newlife to be re-sold and re-used in one of the charity’s six stores. All profits from these retail sales go towards helping ensure that every disabled child has the best chance in life through the provision of essential equipment.

So far 14 cases have been collected from Birmingham Airport. Over the course of the next year this partnership has the potential to divert several hundred empty suitcases (equivalent to circa two tonnes of general waste) currently being sent for Recovery.

Any suitcases that cannot be used in their current form are recycled by Newlife, ensuring they still have a value with the circular economy. They can be made into either soft flooring for children’s playgrounds or sound reduction boarding.

Last week UKSWL announced it had been appointed by OCS to provide a wide range of waste management services at Birmingham Airport.



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