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Remote sites upgrade delivers enhanced security for energy provider

Working to a tight 10-week schedule, four teams of Secom engineers completed a significant electronic security upgrade at 150 critical sites in the UK’s energy infrastructure network.

The project – covering offices as well as unstaffed remote locations – involved replacing key legacy equipment and software to create a superior platform for remote monitoring of CCTV surveillance systems. It brought the 150 sites up to the same high standards of security as the customer’s other 250-plus sites across the UK.

Phil Lamb, Secom’s General Manager – Regional Sales, says installation of new transmission units allowed a switch for all the customer’s sites to a more robust and cutting-edge video control platform in the alarm receiving centre.

He says: “Security is of course a major consideration for infrastructure service providers. It can be challenging because of the many remote locations needed to ensure uninterrupted delivery to consumers nationwide.

“Reliable CCTV and alarm systems are important tools in dealing with issues that might affect continuity of supply or any other risks of compromising security or health and safety concerns if, for example, there is an unauthorised entry.”

He says the customer was facing a critical need as the existing transmission units had become obsolete. With the existing video management software there was a growing risk of losing connectivity with remote sites – and also, therefore, visibility of site issues.

“The decision to replace obsolete hardware and software was initiated to mitigate the risk of major security incidents by creating a more stable platform.

“Our role was to replace the end-of-life kit with the latest generation transmission units. As Secom is the incumbent service provider, we have intimate knowledge of each site and could evade potential issues, using our engineering skills to design issues out of the tight schedule utilising detailed process maps.”

The software platform was upgraded to a multi-site video security management software application specifically designed to monitor video and audio from remote sites.

Phil Lamb says because of the nature of the replacement project, Secom hand-picked engineers for the four teams and provided dedicated project managers.

For further information visit www.secom.plc.uk


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