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RICS launches real estate management publication at MIPIM

Girl-sitting-reading-on-pile-of-books-illustration_201201RICS has launched its Real Estate Management Guidance at MIPIM 2013 in Cannes, France. The landmark publication provides best practice in ethics and professionalism for residential and commercial real estate managers worldwide.

The guidance sets a framework for best practice in the execution and delivery of real estate management services, and will help to raise standards across international markets. In addition the guidance supports professionals in meeting local legislative requirements and ethical codes in all world regions.

The publication ensures that clients and consumers receive objective advice, delivered in a professional manner, which is consistent with internationally recognised standards. Clients and consumers can be reassured that when using an RICS qualified real estate manager, they are receiving an honest, fair and transparent professional service.

The guidance has been produced in consultation with professionals across the world. It features 12 core principles that together form the Real Estate Management Code. These core principles establish a culture of fairness and transparency, which should underpin all activities undertaken by real estate managers, in whichever country they practise.

RICS is taking a positive step forward by creating a single set of principles to act as a foundation for each national markets diverse legal and commercial structure. The principles based advice sets the standards as we grow towards a global market place.

The view from RICS

I am delighted to introduce the RICS Real Estate Management Guidance, the latest in a suite of best practice global real estate guidance.

We believe that setting out clear best practice for the real estate management sector will provide leadership and clarity for professionals around the world, and increased confidence to clients, in keeping with our remit to serve the public interest.
Ken Creighton

Ken Creighton, RICS Director of Professional Standards Wednesday at 10:20AM

The guide is available to download for RICS members or to purchase for £30 from the RICS shop




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