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Safe as houses, how FMs can help ensure the workplace feels as safe as home

FMJ recently teamed up with global chemical company, INEOS, to host a webinar ‘Safe as houses, how FMs can help ensure the workplace feels as safe as home.’ 

Lockdown is easing across the four nations and whether staff opt to work at least part of the time from home we expect to see a gradual return to the office.

The use of hands-free technology, social distancing and access to hand sanitiser will now be more essential than ever to guard against infection, both in the workplace and when using transport hubs, visiting shops, healthcare and other public facing buildings.

This timely discussion brought together a panel of experts to discuss how the workplace can be made to feel as safe and secure as working from home.

The event, which was facilitated by FMJ Editor Sara Bean, comprised:

Tom Crotty, Director, INEOS Group
Marie Johnson – Head of Workplace and Wellbeing at the technology organisation Nominet,
Russell Burnaby – Head of Workplace and Facilities Management at Brent Council; and
Pam Coulson, Business Director, Atalian Servest

 Tom Crotty was on hand to advise delegates on how to choose the safest sanitising products, and crucially where to position them.

The discussion covered the kind of precautions the panel would advise FMs take to make workplaces safe for reoccupation which also feel like a safe environment in which staff can thrive. It was also noted that demand for better end of route facilities has grown as commuters prefer to avoid travelling by public transport.

 The panel concluded that within a post pandemic workplace – being exposed to colds, flu or other viruses to work will no longer be seen as acceptable; and within the FM sector, preparedness for any future outbreaks remains a priority when carrying out risk assessments.

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