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Safety matting lights up the way

Heronair matting, manufactured by Plastic Extruders Ltd, is now available with a 10cm photoluminescent centre strip which enables it to highlight an effective escape route in the event of light failure.

Located along the centre of the matting, the integral strip only requires normal ambient light to energise but will still be illuminated up to approximately 10 hours to show people the way to safety. The matting complies with the requirements for safety signs when tested to DIN 67510 Part 1 and Heronair is also certified DIN 51130 and assessed at R11 for slip resistance.

Photoluminescent Heronair has a tubular construction making it insulating from cold floors. Its open grid construction dissipates spillages and allows debris to fall through the surface while the photoluminescent centre strip adds extra safety characteristics to this slip resistant and hardwearing safety matting. The all-vinyl welded construction is also hygienic and easy to clean and shape.

Photoluminescent Heronair can be loose-laid and will contour over rough or uneven surfaces. Its PVC construction makes it particularly flexible and easy to cut on site to fit any shape and facilitates lifting for relocation or cleaning underneath.

Photoluminescent Heronair, available in black, is manufactured with a minimum guaranteed content of 30% recycled PVC factory waste and is supplied in rolls 10m long and in widths of 50, 75 or 100cm. Samples and information are available from Plastic Extruders Ltd (tel 01268 571116) or visit www.heronair.com




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