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Salisbury Group reports a record-breaking year

Following the initial stages of the pandemic, when many tender processes were suspended or delayed, Salisbury Group has secured 10 contracts over the past year, which have a combined total contract value of over £30 million.

These include a contract to provide mechanical and electrical engineering maintenance for a major television channel, a support services agreement with a car business, and facilities management deals with large healthcare and utility providers.

The 10 contracts, not including possible extensions, with many further opportunities in the pipeline, represent Salisbury’s “best-ever year of growth”, and means it has successfully pivoted from a mostly public sector-focused provider to one with a majority of business coming through partnerships in the private sector.

The company’s success follows a drive to grow Salisbury’s brand and reputation in market. This involved a successful rebrand in July 2020 and a subsequent customer engagement campaign. It resulted in Salisbury entering the i-FM Top 50 and being recognised as one of the Top 10 Challenger Brands in the FM sector

Subsequently, Salisbury unveiled its Climate Positive Company commitment, which involves a green transformation to low-carbon operations. In the meantime, it is offsetting 10 per cent more carbon emissions than the business produces every year – resulting in a net positive contribution back to the environment.

Commenting on the business update, Andrew Lunt, Group Managing Director, said: “We have had an excellent year of growth, adding major new clients in important sectors. In each case, we have gained clients with whom we have strong cultural alignment and can build real partnerships. We have grown because of our strong track record of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, and also our ethos of empowering our people to take a personal approach to customer interactions. A superb 12 months of business shows how well placed we are to grow quickly as the economy rebounds strongly from the pandemic.”

Last-mile customer engagement isn’t out of reach

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