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SatiLED – a Rising Star! from P4 Ltd, the UK’s recognised emergency lighting self-test experts

P4 Limited is proud to introduce SatiLED, their latest, ground breaking new product.

A rising star, in the continuing development of P4’s self-testing emergency lighting range, SatiLED’s outstanding light distribution offers cost savings for all who specify or install emergency lighting. Estate managers, facilities managers and contractors alike benefit from savings in their installation, testing and maintenance, whilst achieving peace of mind by ensuring that their respective duty of care is being met.

Responsive, as always, to their customer needs, and adept at problem solving under challenging circumstances, recognised UK market leaders P4 Limited have applied their skills in providing optimum emergency lighting distribution, energy efficiency and BS5266 compliance into a patented, satellite self-test luminaire.

Developed from a request by a client with specific emergency lighting requirements; the outcome to this design approach is a unique, remarkably ingenious, cost effective emergency luminaire.

P4 is committed to helping to minimising the energy consumption of their products wherever possible and also to reducing capital costs of their installations, utilising the financial, environmental, social benefits presented by the use of high efficiency LEDs.

To this end, P4 is delighted to be able to add its aesthetically pleasing SatiLED luminaire models to their product ranges, to help users achieve more cost effective, energy efficient emergency lighting schemes with smaller carbon footprints, whilst helping to drive down both capital and maintenance costs.

SatiLED luminaries incorporate high performance, high intensity white LEDs in attractive and discrete fully recessed satellite modules that can be positioned in the most effective manner to illuminate the escape route or open areas. Compliant, pre-prepared fire protected cables and terminations are supplied with the SatiLED satellite modules which allow simple plug-in connection to their remote driver unit, enabling speedy installation.

In the event of a failure of all SatiLED satellite modules connected to the remote driver unit, the auxiliary emergency LED automatically illuminates.

Fully automatic self-testing models for non-maintained and maintained operation are available in both FASTEL stand-alone and addressable FASTELink/M-web versions, with options for full alarm monitoring locally or remotely.

Addressable system operational benefits offer assistance to estates or facilities managers and maintenance staff with report provision to demonstrate compliance to fire officers when requested, and in meeting unscheduled repair needs or regular maintenance planning and delivery, with individual SatiLED luminaires reporting any failure during test. These features all help to free up time and resources which can be used more effectively elsewhere.

“The use of advanced addressable systems combined with high efficiency and low energy LED light fittings is very much in line with meeting challenging carbon emission reduction targets, and P4 are very pleased to be able to make such a positive contribution to both safety and energy management needs,” says Peter Warner, CEO of P4 Limited.

For more information visit www.p4fastel.co.uk, email info@p4fastel.co.uk or call 01328 850555.


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