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Saving money, water & CO2 emissions, by restoring and cleaning-up your heating or cooling water systems doesn’t have to be expensive nor intrusive

In a society now where there is now more need than ever to address climate change, water use and sustainability-focus is now being placed on both habits, policies and legislation within organisations to ensure we all play our part.

It is great to see new “greener” technologies advancing and becoming more commercially viable, but this uptake still has some way to go if we are to meet the UK’s commitment of signing-up to the Paris climate change agreement (November 2016).

The fastest impact we can make towards achieving carbon Zero is a “call to action” on addressing our current infrastructure and habits, whether it be intelligent controls for energy use, better building insulation, electric cars, triple glazed windows and so on. The point is there is not only an emphasis on new technologies to address climate change and water conservation, but also retrofitting solutions to current infrastructure to make a significant impact, augmented of course by the never-ending need of education to change habits within society.

One area of improving energy efficiency is within the performance of residential and commercial properties heating and cooling systems, as once commissioned the efficiency of these systems is never calculated, however information pertaining to the correlation of water quality within these systems mentions things one should be aware of:

1. A 1mm layer of limescale will cause a 7% increase in energy input to the boiler to meet the same heat demand.” – Carbon Trust.
2. “An estimate of between 5 – 10% loss of efficiency due to the build-up of excess air /hydrogen Gas within the radiators – Carbon Trust.
3. “A new system can be up to 6% less efficient within a matter of weeks if it hasn’t been treated correctly – DECC

When taking this into account, it also should be noted the impact on sustainability (due to the above), as “dirty water” systems impact the lifecycle of system components, reliability and water loss. Just as a car owner understand the need to service and maintain their cars engine (in particular the oil and filter change), so should we understand the need to maintain a high level of water quality within closed loop heating & cooling systems.

Manufactured by Vexo International (UK) Ltd and available exclusively from BSS Industrial-The Patented and award winning BOSS X-POT (all-in-one) closed loop water conditioning unit, along with 2 x Environmentally friendly “non-flush” BOSS X-PO additives have already been retrofitted onto thousands of systems throughout the UK, with BOSS X-PO10 Inhibitor having proven energy savings of up to 10%, and the BOSS X-PO35 unique “non flush” cleanser providing customers HUGE capital and operational budget savings- whilst improving system performance and temperatures. This is a user friendly “retro-fit solution” example of an Innovative technology available today addressing improvements to current infrastructure. Its why it’s being used by many of the UK’s Universities, Hospitals, Schools, Commercial and Government buildings to restore performance, reliability and lifecycle WITHOUT the need to waste any water! Making it a non-intrusive and cost-effective solution.

For more information visit www.vexoint.com, email customerservices@vexoint.com or call (0)1767 500 150.


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