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SAVORTEX launches the first data-driven -and most carbon efficient hand dryer – in the world

SAVORTEX has launched the most carbon efficient hand-dryer on the market – EcoCurve Smart Dryer – containing unique technology designed to help building and facilities managers manage and monitor washroom usage and energy consumption.

SAVORTEX produces sustainable, energy saving products to replace the expensive, outdated and environmentally damaging hand drying solutions currently being used today. 

The EcoCurve Smart Dryer has already been adopted by The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) which is set to save £30,000 and 14 tonnes of paper towel wastage per building, per year. 

The innovative technology comes with a ‘Data Intelligence’ portal that transmits real-time washroom usage data to an online portal. This insight enables building managers to monitor and benchmark against ISO14001 compliance and Carbon Reduction targets. The data analytics also allow timely inspections and cleaning of washrooms facilities based on actual footfall, thus reducing unnecessary maintenance costs and improving resource efficiency.

For more information visit www.savortex.com or www.savortex.com/hand-dryers/ecocurve-smart-dryer/


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