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Selecta: the vending experts

As you may have experienced, considering a vending solution for your business can be more complicated than it first appears. Choosing the right machines, selecting the right level of service, deciding on a maintenance contract – there are important decisions to be made at every stage and this can be difficult without the right guidance.

Selecta prides itself on offering clients expertise and support throughout the process to make it as simple as possible, delivering a solution which fits your needs and solves your issues, now and in the future. So what are some of the considerations?

The need for a unique vending service

Considering that over 60% of people at work use a vending machine more than once a day*, it has never been more important to understand how vending can support your business in the right way. It may seem a daunting undertaking but with the right vending partner, you can really maximise the opportunity.

The first thing you need to establish is the type of service you are offering; is it a benefit for employees funded by the company, a potential revenue stream or cost neutral? Making this decision early on will ensure you can build up your vending offer in just the right way.

Your vending partner needs to provide a tailored service to suit your needs. From technical support or machine sale to a complete fully managed vending service, Selecta works closely with facilities managers to deliver the best solution for your business, providing national coverage yet local service from regional offices across the UK and Ireland.

If you’re looking for a hassle-free, fully managed service, Selecta provides a complete offer, ensuring your machines are always filled with products, regularly cleaned inside and out and always operational. From install and setup and through the life of the contract, a dedicated account manager will support you every step of the way, ensuring regular visits and on-site advice as well as easy access to the call centre for technical assistance. With Selecta taking care of your vending facilities, a fully managed service gives you peace of mind.

If you own and fill your own machines, the last thing you need is for them to break down. Ensure you have a plan in place, whether you choose a maintenance contract or an emergency callout service. With access to the expert technical support team, boasting years of experience in a wide range of machines, Selecta will get your vending machine up and running as soon as possible, ensuring your investment is protected and your sales continue.

*feedback from more than 5,000 surveys at Selecta workplace sites last year.

Making hot drinks work for your business

It’s important to understand what hot drink solution will work best for your company. Whether you’re looking to buy, lease, fill your own machine or work with an operator, you need expert advice to talk you through the options and help you find the best fit solution to match your business.

Your vending needs to match up to your requirements, from cups, to products, to machines. No matter what the expectation, Selecta offers a complete solution with its exclusive miofino coffee range. Each aspect of the drink is considered as part of the ‘whole cup’ approach to deliver a consistently great taste for consumers. Selecta develop recipes for all hot drinks to balance quality ingredients, machine settings and calibration, to deliver the best drink possible.

From tabletop to freestanding or fully automatic to semi-automatic, Selecta offer a wide range of hot drink machines to suit any environment. Whether you’re looking to source your own ingredients or vend miofino, each machine is carefully calibrated to deliver the perfect cup of coffee. Selecta’s miofino brand caters to all tastes, offering a full range from bean, instant and roast and ground, serving a wide selection of drinks from speciality coffees to hot chocolate and freshly brewed tea.

Snacks and confectionery to suit every need

More than 80% of consumers spend only 25 seconds deciding what to buy from a vending machine. With such a small window of opportunity, it is important to have the right product, in the right place, at the right time.

Selecta collects and uses data from its 20,000 machines to help drive its thinking behind the range of products in its machines via a unique ‘Insight’ system.

It’s important to provide a real point of difference in a snack and confectionery offer, using retail category expertise and insight data to create the right mix of best sellers and new products to meet consumer demand. A vending machine offers limited space, so it’s vital to fill it with products that consumers want and you know will sell. The product range in a Selecta machine doesn’t happen by accident. From the volume of a product to its position in the machine, everything is pre-planned and built into the planogram process to ensure the range follows consumer trends.

Using this innovative retail-focused approach, utilising detailed category management strategies to define and shape product ranges, Selecta is able to advise you of the most effective way to optimise your range, to help meet your needs.

Facilities managers searching for the right mix of products or those who are not sure where to start, will find that Selecta is the perfect vending partner. Strong relationships with major household brands means the company is able to offer support and guidance on the most popular products and the most up-to-date consumer snacking trends while also offering exclusive consumer promotions.

Each quarter, Selecta refreshes its planograms to maintain consumer interest and keep up with new product development. In the last year alone the company has introduced around 80 new promotional products into the range to ensure that consumer’s needs are met and machines remain busy.

Finding the right vending machines for you

From snack and cold drink machines to food machines and water coolers, it’s important to find the right offer for your business. And in the current economic climate it’s important to choose the right purchase or lease plan, whether for new or refurbished machines.
Selecta work closely with facilities managers to find the best fit for your company. Whether you’re looking for a large capacity solution to cope with high footfall or you have limited space but still need to provide a range of products, Selecta will assess your sites and recommend the right solution.

Whether brand new or refurbished, Selecta’s tailored offer includes optional integrated housing to transform your vending area into a complete service solution, with optional microwave facilities, cup and sip lid holders and ancillary stands and trays to suit your environment.

Choosing the right vending solution can be daunting, but with the right partner it can be a great opportunity to support your business. With expert advice and support at every stage, Selecta can help find the best solution for you.

Contact details:

For more information on Selecta’s complete service offer, contact sales@uk.selecta.com or call 0844 7360 209   www.selecta.co.uk


Extract FMJ Cover Story November 2012

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