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Serco scoops £135m in council contract extensions

Serco Group has signed contract extensions with both Peterborough City Council and Lincolnshire County Council to continue providing a range of frontline and back office services to these councils.

The international service company has supported Peterborough City Council as part of a 10-year partnership which started in November 2011, providing services including Customer Services, Business Support Services, Shared Transactional Services (including Revenues and Benefits), Transactional HR and Payroll, Procurement and Business Transformation.

Under the existing agreement Serco has delivered £10 million of savings to the Council, consistently achieved all key performance indicators and delivered improvements including faster processing of housing benefit claims and improved collection of council tax and business rates.

The 10-year contract extension has a total value to Serco of approximately £105 million and will see Serco continue to provide these services until 2031.

Serco has also signed a two-year contract extension with Lincolnshire County Council with a total contract value of £30 million.  This contract extension will see Serco continue to provide services including Customer Services, Financial Services, IT Services and Transactional HR and Payroll.

Serco has been delivering these services since 2015 and this contract extension will see these continue until at least 2022.

Rupert Soames, Serco Group Chief Executive, commented: “We are delighted to have agreed these contract extensions to continue providing support to Peterborough City Council and Lincolnshire County Council until 2031 and 2022 respectively.  We have worked extremely hard to deliver improvements in these services and to meet our key performance indicators and look forward to continuing to deliver these important services for the benefit of the Councils and residents.”


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