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Smart protection

How new technology is delivering improved security systems with powerful remote control capabilities

CCTV has always been an effective deterrent to crime as its mere visibility ‘moves crime along’. Now, due to the evolution of technology, installers are supplying businesses with cameras that offer facial recognition, thermal imaging, even vehicle tracking.

One of the latest innovations is the use of remote cloud-based systems to manage information in real time. CCTV systems have traditionally required information to be uploaded to a server, forcing the IT department to make changes through a landline. Cloud-based technology allows the user to access information through the web, enabling them to make changes instantly and remotely. Automatic back-up eliminates the risk of losing valuable information.

Access control provided by a system such as ACT365 allows the user to decide who can go where in a building, even what times they are allowed to do so. Reports and alarms are accompanied by video evidence. Remote storage allows clients to view footage, disable a user’s access or open a door from wherever they are, on any device, along with live view options.

The technology eradicates waiting times for emergency lists to print and the user is able to use real-time muster reporting on their smartphone or tablet. The remote feature also enables a business to manage all their sites from one unified interface, which is cost effective as there is no longer a need to purchase a local PC for each site.

“As an installer, ACT365 is fantastic,” says Andy Purvis, managing director of NT Security. “If the client reports a fault with the system the remote feature allows us to rectify the issue via the cloud from wherever we are without having to physically visit the site. This means the client is able to get immediate response with modifications made a lot quicker than if we had to travel out to the client’s destination. It’s extremely time efficient.”

NT Security used the technology for Nurse Plus, an agency that provides care staff and nurses to residential homes, supported living homes and other community support services. The remote aspect of the cloud-based software is valuable as it allows the agency to control multiple sites from one device.

A spokesperson for Nurse Plus says: “Using the cloud system is ideal for Nurse Plus as we get full control over individual areas of the office building, which means the highest level of security and confidentiality. We can see who’s in the building at any time and there’s an app to use alongside the website so we can review the building remotely by mobile phone.”

This technology is particularly suited to businesses employing a high number of staff, especially when shift patterns are varied, because users can make changes to individual fobs without having to visit the branch. This also helps keep costs down for the client and the installer.

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