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Solution House to transform National Oceanography Centre’s FM processes

Solution House has taken control of the National Oceanography Centre’s (NOC) site management, which will see the UK’s largest marine science and research institute have its facilities management processes transformed through the introduction of software, known as Incident Desk – an automated mobile incident management for security and maintenance staff.

The South African developed software is a universal incident and service request sourcing, routing and management engine that provides site and facility managers with advanced functionality. These include recording, tracking, visualising, alerting, escalating and reporting on any number of site-related incidents, from infrastructure repair, scheduled service checks, intrusion alerts and criminal incidents among others.

The decision to opt for Solution House’s Incident Desk software was made in light of the NOC needing greater mobility, simplicity and efficiency – particularly for an organisation that encounters a variety of specific challenges; such as sea level change, the oceans’ role in climate change, predicting and simulating the behaviour of the oceans, development, the future of the Arctic Ocean and long-term monitoring technologies.

Ensuring safety for over 2,500 scientists, engineers, technologists, support staff and students across its two sites – while also having to comply with relevant legislation – were also key factors for the NOC.

NOC security supervisor Paul Dent said:

“We are delighted that Solution House has taken control of our site management and is now making the vital changes needed after being our preferred bidder. We believe that through the use of the Incident Desk software our facilities management systems will be transformed making us far more mobile, efficient and saving us time.

“In past years this complex function was primarily managed through a system of physical Daily Occurrence Books (DOB), which made it time consuming, labour intensive and difficult to manage in real-time. 

“What we needed was a digital alternative that would not only replicate our manual DOB processes and help us manage multiple incidents more effectively, but also give us more ways to quickly and accurately report and track them as they happen. Typically we record about 3,000 security related incidents / occurrences every month.”

The NOC is also currently in discussions with Solution House about potential future add-ons to the system, including a real-time security guard tracking and reporting system.


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