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SpaceVac wins ‘pole’ position

SpaceVac Technologies Ltd, the world’s leading manufacturers of high level and gutter pole cleaning equipment has reached ‘pole’ position – voted best brand in independent comparison tests. 

SpaceVac beat its two competitors Omnipole and Skyvac in practical tests on an Essex office block by a national window and gutter cleaning company.

Spacevac-MIFM-Nov14-1One complete basic set of vacuum operated gutter cleaning equipment was bought from each of the three UK manufacturers – Omnipole, SpaceVac and Skyvac.

Top independent nationwide window and gutter cleaning expert, Ian Robson Director of Progress Cleaning Services, put all three brands through their paces and reported on his findings.

SpaceVac Technologies was voted equal or best product in every aspect from ease of use and assembly to effectiveness and efficiency of doing the job.

It was the only manufacturer to provide an inspection camera as standard equipment. This is vital in guiding the cleaning tool when unblocking a gutter from ground level – or when wanting to make a DVD or stills photograph to show the job has been completed effectively.

SpaceVac was the fastest to assemble, by far the lightest to use and the only brand that could be used by one operator on gutters four storeys high. Other products were too heavy to be used by one operator on buildings above one floor. One was so heavy that lifting its 60ft pole required three men.

When it came to pure dirt suction power SpaceVac was equal No 1 as both used the same vacuum unit. 

SpaceVac’s transporter trolley was voted the best and the Company was the only one of the three brands that offers free demonstrations and free training anywhere in the UK.

Robson said of SpaceVac “This is real quality and will last. It is light, very very light with nice carbon fibre poles which are by far the easiest to assemble. Unlike the other brands the poles don’t jam together with moisture or dust. If I could buy anything, I would buy this one.”

SpaceVac Managing Director Colin Lewis said: “This product testing confirms or beliefs. After months of trials and market testing we launched nationally this year and are flooding in. Our website hits have quadrupled and we are now selling several units a week. We have added a further 5 staff to our team and need more to cover our gutter cleaning service which we provide to building owners that want the job done for them.”

The complete testing article can be seen at: www.space-vac.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/PFM_Oct14_SpaceVac.pdf

Further information: SpaceVac Technologies Ltd, Unit 62, Rothersthorpe Crescent, Northampton, NN4 8JD. 01604 76028 www.space-vac.co.uk.


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