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Stocks kept high at Tower Bridge Exhibition

City of London Corporation has recently taken delivery of a pedestrian controlled PFB500 from Bradshaw Electric Vehicles.

Bradshaw-Electric-Vehicle-MIFM-Jul15The model is an additional vehicle for City of London Corporation, and is being used to move stock from a loading bay on the south side of the bridge, to a couple of locations. One area that stock has to be transported to is across the bridge, via pavements and up in to the main towers of the bridge in a lift. The other area is below the road, in the old Victorian Engine Rooms, which are open to the public as part of Tower Bridge Exhibition and where the shop is located.

Glen Ellis, technical officer Tower Bridge, said: “Our main reason for ordering the additional truck is the increase in sales in our shop and indeed vending stock. This is mainly due to the recent opening of the new glass floors in the walkways, resulting in a marked increase in visitor numbers to the bridge.”

A three-wheel vehicle, Bradshaw’s Pedestrian Controlled PFB500 has great maneuverability to tackle the busy site safely. A key requirement was for the truck to fit in to a small glass lift to go down to where the shop is located. With a width of just 700mm, a payload of 500kg and maximum speed of 6.4kph, it was the perfect solution to ensure the job is carried out both quickly and safely. The pedestrian controlled vehicle is easy to operate and comes with safety features including an emergency stop button, safety cut out and body protection switch, which automatically stops the vehicle if it comes in to contact with the operator.

A Bradshaw PCF6, the previous model to the Bradshaw PFB500, is still operating on the site, and will mainly be used by maintenance staff to assist with heavier loads such as bridge operating equipment and items such as souvenir guide books.

If you would like further information about any of our vehicles, contact Bradshaw on 01780 782621, email enquiries@bradshawelectricvehicles.co.uk or visit www.bradshawelectricvehicles.co.uk


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