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Sverre Tiltnes elected first chair of BREEAM Europe Board

The new BREEAM Europe Board has elected Sverre Tiltnes, CEO of Norwegian Green Building Council (NGBC), as its first chair.

BREEAM is the internationally recognised measure of a building’s sustainability. Over 250,000 buildings have been certified around the world and over a million are registered for certification. It is applied to the complete range of building types throughout their design, construction and use and uses independent licensed assessors and auditors, who assess performance in terms of energy, water use, health and well-being, pollution, transport, materials, waste, ecology and management

Tiltnes is a leading innovator in the Norwegian building and real estate sector, working to push forward sustainability changes in the market place. Before his appointment as CEO of NGBC, he spent five years as manager of Norway’s EcoBuild programme and was project manager of the country’s unified selection process, which led to BREEAM being chosen as the national environmental assessment method.

The BREEAM Europe Board has been formed to help set the strategic direction for the standard and further develop the National Scheme Operator* network in Europe. It includes a representative for each national scheme, and its functions range from lobbying and influencing EU sustainability policy to contributing to BREEAM’s core standards by identifying EU-specific requirements.

BREEAM National Scheme Operators are already active in Norway, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Sweden and the UK. The election of Sverre Tiltnes testament to his own and Norway’s drive to make BREEAM the gold standard for Europe alongside the UK and other European countries.

Europe’s National Scheme Operators are the Norwegian Green Building Council for Norway (BREEAM NOR); the Dutch Green Building Council for the Netherlands (BREEAM NL); the Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia for Spain (BREEAM ES); DIFNI for Germany (BREEAM DE); the Swedish Green Building Council for Sweden (BREEAM SE) and BRE Global for the UK (BREEAM UK).




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