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Sylvania lights up learning at Paddington Library


Paddington Library in central London provides a vital community service for people of all ages as a place to study, read and access the internet. Working on behalf of Westminster Council, and alongside Project Managers Amey and Install Contractor MEC, leading lighting provider Sylvania specified its new smart lighting solution SylSmart to provide a complete lighting upgrade at the library

The library now benefits from an intelligent, efficient and powerful SylSmart lighting system. The extensive collection of books, newspapers, learning materials for students and computers are now displayed in clean, crisp lighting, helping Library users to concentrate in high quality lighting.

The SylSmart system from Sylvania proves an incredibly efficient option. SylSmart uses the latest technology to detect human presence and natural light, adjusting the light levels to only emit exactly what is needed. This ability is a great benefit to a space with fluctuating footfall levels and ensures the library can run as efficiently as possible. In order to gain funding for council work, the demonstrable payback period of under five years including maintenance, or under eight years on energy alone, was vital for Paddington Library.

Jonathan Willis, Service Delivery Manager at Paddington Library, commented: “The new Sylvania SylSmart lighting system installed at Paddington library is fantastic. We needed a dependable and efficient lighting system, without detailed surveys carried out before installation. With the library open seven days a week, any downtime for maintenance is very disruptive to users, so we had to keep that to a minimum. 

“The installation was very straightforward as the lights program themselves and learn where the nearby fixtures are. The lighting system provides uniform light at reading level that promotes comfort and helps library users maintain focus without feeling disorientated or tired. There are carefully positioned spotlights in darker areas, helping library users to locate books or other materials.” 

The SylSmart Connected Buildings decentralised lighting solution empowers buildings to adopt lighting controls with ease. Using the latest technology to continuously detect human presence and natural daylight, the system adjusts levels of artificial light accordingly. This enables the quieter areas of the library to save on energy costs, whilst ensuring the busier areas of the building are always properly illuminated. With this system, energy savings of up to 87% are possible, and green building certificates, such as BREEAM, can be met.

The Sylvania SylSmart enabled Rana LED suspended luminaires provide the lighting throughout the library, with direct light distribution down to desk and shelf level. The bright, neutral white 4000k colour temperature ensures the library is welcoming and comfortable for users. The SylSmart Wall Switch and remote PIR sensor provide further control for the system.

Downstairs in the library, the Sylvania SylFlat dimmable recessed downlights provide perfect pockets of light above book shelves and magazine racks. The Sylvania Giotto LED surface luminaire completes the uniform 4000K colour temperature throughout the library,

The new SylSmart scheme provides the library with an intelligent lighting system and a cost-effective solution, ensuring that Westminster Council will benefit from implementing the system. in the long run will save the council money. Future layout changes inside the library will require no re-programming of the lights, and as a low-maintenance product, the library can benefit from no downtime. With the help of SylSmart, Paddington Library has a bright future.

For more information visit www.sylvania-lighting.co.uk.


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