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Virtual reality concept eases plant retrofit, training & maintenance

Process plants have useful lives of thirty to fifty years, during which time they are routinely retrofitted. Virtual reality (VR) software simplifies and helps keep track of retrofit planning and testing. Now, researchers and a global chemicals company are taking the technology one step further by jointly developing VR solutions for the plant life cycle.

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New report reveals the keys to employee engagement

A report published today by HR consultancy, ETS, reveals what makes workers want to ǃ

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Nano-infused paint to detect strain in buildings

After discussing the potential risks associated with nanotechnology in the workplace yesterday, along comes a research project that highlights the technology's essential benefits for the build environment's future development. A nanotube-infused paint developed at Rice University has been found to reveal strain in materials by its fluorescence. The material holds promise for detecting strain in aircraft, bridges and buildings.

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Could the answer to hospital acquired infections really be this simple?

The answer to decreasing the incidence of Hospital Acquired Infections (AHI) could be as simple as reminding your superior (politely) to wash their hands and giving recognition to employees that set an exemplary hygiene standard.

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