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Technology can help repurpose the workplace as a destination

The office needs to be repurposed as a destination where people visit to achieve something specific. This was one of the key messages in a stimulating panel session at Wednesday’s Facilities Show Connect 2021, which explored ways the latest FM technology can accelerate cost savings, compliance and engagement strategies.

According to Alan Rose, Product Manager, CadM: “Prior to the pandemic a lot of the work we were doing was working out what people were doing if they weren’t in the office and sitting at desks. What drives different types of space, collaboration, social and team space?”

“What you don’t want to do is build a temple for people to come and worship your brand. The ideal is in [providing a space that allows] bumping into people where you can exchange ideas. Employers want to ensure the ‘hive’ works and their people are sparking off each other. That all goes away when people are working from home.”

When looking at the longer picture, Paul Bullard, Business Strategy Director, FSI said:

“Long term planning is about adaptability, so with a CAFM system like ours we need the ability to immediately shift and adapt to the new things and create that for the market.”

“There is a growing willingness within the FM sector to adopt connectivity tools and make assets more accessible. If you’re limiting the amount of time an engineer has to visit an office that’s a good thing.”

Mike Brooman, Smart Building Consultant at Vanti also detected a shift in thinking about the role of the FM as “more of a provider of a space that delivers a good experience than a fixer of things that go wrong.”

Rose concluded that one of the important things to consider when repurposing the workplace will be adaptability and it is technology that will help us understand whether we’ve got that right.

He said: “Agile space when it works well is fantastic, but when it doesn’t it’s not helpful. We’ll need to keep measuring it when people come back and use that data for the good of the workforce.”



10:00, 10:45, 11:30 & 12:15 Elogbooks, Fsi @Yourservice, CADM, Dutchview product demos

14:00 Data Driven Decision Making

The Panel will outline how effective CAFM and data driven decision making can improve building performance and help generate tangible ROI for users.


  • Sara Bean, Editor, FMJ


  • Edward Payne, Chief Engineer, Kettering General Hospital
  • Hazel Bedson, Strategy Director, Service Works Global
  • Mark Griffiths MSc CIWFM, Founder and Managing Director, WMA Consultancy Services Ltd

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