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Tessera mix – the evolution of random lay carpet tiles

In line with current interior trends, Forbo Flooring Systems has refreshed its best selling Tessera Mix random lay, batchless carpet tile range with eight new contemporary colourways.

This attractive and innovative floor covering combines tone and shade with a subtle geometric design, creating a distinctive and attractive flooring solution. Individual tiles are laid in a completely random fashion to deliver an attractive, multi-layered and seamless aesthetic that enhances floor spaces of any scale.

The new colourways include black and charcoal Obsidian, teal Glacier, the rich jewel hues of Ruby, Amethyst and Jade, and the natural earthy shades of Sahara, Husk and Stone. These are presented alongside seven existing, timeless references, resulting in a completely refreshed and confident modern colour offer.

Designed in accordance with Forbo’s green design principles, Mix is manufactured in the UK using advanced tufting technology to create a high performance, durable product at an economical pile weight. The use of solution dyed yarns ensures long lasting colour fastness and resistance to fading.

A true random lay tile, Mix generates less than 2% fitting waste, as almost every last off-cut can be used, and speed of installation is increased as there are no directional rules to follow. Being batchless, future workspace expansion and reorganisation can be accommodated without concern over colour matching, and as there is no need to order and store spare stocks, wastage is reduced further still.

Forbo’s random lay, batchless carpet tile portfolio also includes the newly introduced Tessera Circulate collection.

For more information please call 0844 822 3928, email info.flooring.uk@forbo.com or visit www.forbo-flooring.co.uk/moreinfo



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