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The art of air curtains at Roca Gallery

The Roca London Gallery has been designed by Zaha Hadid Architects to complement the hallmarks of global bathroom brand Roca’s identity – design, innovation, sustainability and wellbeing. M&E engineer Max Fordham was tasked with specifying the air curtains to fit seamlessly into the reception space and chose three 1.5m electric Windbox air curtains from JS Air Curtains.

The design of the Roca London Gallery is highly stylized and the reception area is no exception. Air curtains were required to prevent cold air entering the building through the main entrance doors but it was essential that they did not detract from the aesthetics of the interior. Contractors Scomac Services took JS’ Windbox air curtains and designed and fabricated steel moulded covers, following the template of the German manufactured ceiling screens.

“We also had to make an extended telescopic bezel, following JS’ standard design, to enable us to connect to the air outlet,” explained Doug Kenneth, contracts manager for Scomac Services. “The Windboxes’ plug and play technology made them very straightforward to install within their unusual steel housing, which has not compromised their high efficiency performance in any way.”

The Windbox air curtain has a powerful air and heating output making it suitable for use on doorways up to 3.5m high. Available in five widths, the units can provide up to 7,400m3/h airflow and 32kW heating output. Adjustable airfoil shaped outlet vanes can be positioned at 0-15

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