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The benefits of integrated pest management strategy

A new white paper ‘Can you afford to lose 200% of your budget for every pest outbreak?’ offers insights into the importance of a pest management strategy for business continuity as well as the impact on an organisation if it suffers an outbreak.

Emprise-Pest-Management-White-PaperPublished by support services provider Emprise, the paper highlights how not having an effective strategy in place can be costly in terms time, money and reputation.

The paper demonstrates how organisations can add value by taking a strategic approach rather than a reactive one. It also provides top tips for helping companies improve their pest management operations.

According to Ibis World the UK pest control market is worth £389 million with annual growth of 4.4 per cent forecast from 2010-15. Apex Insight’s UK Pest Control 2013 Report says hospitality and residential market sectors each represent 19 per cent of the market by value, with industrial and transport worth 15 per cent, commercial offices 14 per cent and the food retail sector 12 per cent.

Some of the key drivers for this growth according to Emprise, are a natural increase in pest populations in areas such as food retailing and production; and less effective methods of treatment as pests become more resistant to the chemicals and pesticides used. Government austerity measures have also impacted on pest control as local authorities sought to find ways to reduce their spending and cut services.

The white paper looks at why reactive strategies, which focus on treating the symptoms rather than the cause, tend not to work particularly well and how, by carrying out a pest audit, any potential problem areas and how they will impact on business performance can be identified. Two case studies show how different organisations were able to treat pest problems by having a proactive pest management strategy.

The paper also looks at the benefits of taking a more holistic approach to pest control, which as well as lessening the impact on the environment, is proving to be more successful at treating bugs and vermin that have become resistant to traditional chemicals.

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