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The big green safety machine turns 30

In an age where companies come and go at a noisy and alarming rate, there’s something reassuring about the safe hands of McCue, still protecting people and businesses after 30 years of trading.

In that time the company, formed by an Englishman abroad, headquartered in Boston, MA and with a flourishing European office based in Milton Keynes, has taken ‘across the board’ safety to new levels.

The one time ‘Bumper Company’ is now the ultimate one-stop-shop for facility protection, working with major businesses across the globe to guard hardware, people and vital structures on the factory floor, in storage, in distribution and on the shop floor.

Turning 30 is a landmark for most – and it’s the same at McCue – with the company this year diversifying into two new and exciting markets, airports and docks.

On top of this, the company is now offering an added bonus to clients who have environmental targets. Should they wish to reposition, upgrade or remove an existing barrier, McCue will simply take it away for recycling.

It’s this, coupled with McCue’s already green-sensitive products, which are already proving to be a boost to major retailers who have green targets to meet.
 A typical steel safety barrier on installation will look good, but over time it will rust, corrode, scratch and degrade, and it will need maintenance and repainting. Any collision and the barrier will function, but it is also likely to crumple, damaging the floor in the process. It will then probably need uprooting and replacing.

McCue’s polypropylene barriers immediately solve these issues. Their inherent flexibility allows them to absorb forces and reform after collisions, protecting the floor, the equipment and the people in the process.

Plus, the barriers’ ultra-low maintenance properties mean that re-painting and ongoing maintenance are all but eliminated.

In store, a McCue bumper will increase the longevity of a display as well as retain a good looking, customer-friendly appearance.

In-house too, McCue are committed to 100% UK raw material sourcing – so customers can be assured they are buying from and working with an environmentally committed source.

Safety and environmental concerns are two of the most pressing issues in facility management, but with McCue, safety solutions now come with added green responsibility. Thirty years after putting safety on the business agenda, McCue’s big green safety machine is still working extra hard for its customers, old and new. Now that really is something to really celebrate.

To view McCue’s range of warehouse and retail safety products and solutions visit www.mccue.com/uk.


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