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The job management revolution: From piles of paper to market networks

The World Economic Forum says we’re on the cusp of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (or Industry 4.0). Self-driving cars and Artificial Intelligence are no longer just sci-fi fantasies. As our world and the workforce continue to rapidly evolve, it’s clear that we all need to be using efficient systems to manage work if we’re going to keep up with these changes.

Job management can often be a headache. Traditionally it involved endless amounts of paperwork and spending hours on the phone chasing clients and engineers. In an increasingly digitised world, and with many FM companies now integrating IoT systems into the workplace, managing jobs with these old and inefficient processes means you will quickly get left behind.

Richard Harris, CEO of Okappy, argues that there are three compelling reasons why the Facilities industries should explore new and emerging digital possibilities for job management: “Traditional job management systems are costly for users; the systems are often very time consuming which means disputes can take a long time to resolve; information provided by paper job sheets can be unintelligible and out of step with modern internet society.”

These days there’s a plethora of digitised systems with varying features on the market that can help companies manage their jobs. However, the problem of duplication still proves problematic when it comes to dealing with subcontractors, as each company will have their own individual system. Clients have a growing expectation that the services will be delivered not only digitally but in real-time; putting more pressure on companies to further streamline their processes.

Market Networks
Whilst many job management applications work well within a company, communication difficulties still remain when it comes to a company’s customers and subcontractors. Applying a Market Network model to this problem could be a step in the right direction.

Market Networks combine the benefits of social networks, market places and software-as-a-service, enabling businesses to create a profile, connect with customers and subcontractors, and manage their workflow; not just within their organisation, but as they interact with other companies. This increases visibility whilst streamlining communication both internally and externally.

In Practise
Accessible by computer, smartphone and tablet alike, any jobs entered onto these platforms can be viewed and updated in real time. No more duplication of information and no more chasing workers for reports. Everyone can communicate with each other simply, easily and in real-time. Information is available at the touch of a button, easily retrievable without risk of being lost between emails, texts and forgotten phone calls.

All Seasons Climate Control Ltd (All Seasons) is one company that uses a job management network called Okappy to manage their operatives. Since using the platform they are able to access all relevant information and be immediately aware of any job details without having to chase subcontractors or clients by phone or in person.

“All Season’s transformation of their job management has resulted in a service that is faster, more transparent, and much more cost efficient for the business,” says Colin Owen, Director of All Seasons

What’s The Future For Job Management?
“Working life is changing dramatically, we’re now much more likely to be working in small autonomous teams at different locations rather than working for one large company for life” says Richard Harris, CEO of Okappy. “Software and technology is evolving to cope with these changes. From Social Networks to Market Networks, people and companies are becoming more connected and this is opening up opportunities to radically improve how day-to-day work is managed.”

For more information visit www.okappy.com, email info@okappy.com or call 0207 099 56 98.


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