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Theft in the construction sector is costing millions

With the construction industry facing £1 million in costs every day due to theft and vandalism, vacant property security specialists VPS, has recently published a special construction edition to its well-received ‘Guards versus Technology’ white paper which was issued last year.

The Home Office estimates construction loses £400 million to theft each year, while 104,000 deliberate fires see England and Wales suffer 53 injuries and 2 deaths every week.

Source: Zurich Insurance guide: www.building.co.uk/journals/2014/03/25/x/m/h/Construction-Site-Security.pdf 

The paper titled ‘Dynamic Site Security: Guards versus Technology – which is best?’ highlights the need for more dynamic strategies to be in place in order to tackle construction site thefts.

simon-alderson-VPS-Development-DirectorAccording to Simon Alderson, development director for VPS and elected chairman of the Vacant Property Group of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA), the special edition white paper on construction site security was launched for two main reasons, he said:

“Firstly, the data on plant and equipment theft from construction sites is staggering. 1 in 5 sites experience vandalism weekly, at least £400 million of plant and equipment get stolen annually, and because a pitifully small percentage of that is ever recovered, such thefts are seen as a ‘low-risk’ gamble.

“Secondly, we have tracked across the whole range of security options, so we could compare the pros and cons of the use of the more traditional security methods such as guards, with the increasingly sophisticated technologies available today.

“Guards are the right choice in certain contexts, but lower-cost, highly capable technological options are fast chasing that market. A SmartTower CCTV for example is a protection and monitoring system that can be installed in any location, no matter how remote or challenging, and can be moved, added to or reduced in capacity according to the dynamics of an ever changing construction site.

“Sometimes the best-fit solution combines fewer manned security guards with more specialist technologies.  Better, more dynamic security strategies for building sites are required.”

The new white paper is available to download.



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