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‘Think clean- buy green’ with Delphis Eco


Leading the way in eco-friendly cleaning chemicals is British-brand, Delphis Eco, with its extensive range of products that not only are kind to the environment but come packaged, in what is believed to be a world-first recycling initiative, in 100% recycled plastic packaging.

With sustainability topping the leader-boards when it comes to sourcing products that are highly effective yet ecologically sound, operators need look no further than to the company which holds two Royal Warrants and offers products for the washroom, (including multi-purpose products, anti-bacterial hand-wash, anti-bacterial hand-sanitiser, toilet cleaner, cabinet glass wash and disinfectant) – the kitchen (including combi oven cleaner, floor maintainer, heavy duty degreaser, de-scaler, cream cleanser, ceramic hob cleanser and many more) and laundry products (washing powder).

CEO Mark Jankovich says: “Purchasing decisions are vital if we are to make a real difference to the environmental legacy that we are leaving behind.

“That’s why we have looked to not only create a range of highly effective cleaning products that are made from all-natural products and will biodegrade, but we have led the industry and addressed the packaging that cleaning chemicals come housed in. All our casing is now made from 100% plastic recycled material. We believe this is 8 years ahead of the big corporates and is first to lead the way as the ‘here and now’…

“Each day over 35million bottles of single use plastic are consumed and disposed of in the UK alone and only between 7 – 9 % are recycled. Over 8million tonnes are dumped in the ocean and the Ellen McArthur Foundation estimates that by 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish.

“We hope that operators will quickly embrace not just environmentally friend cleaning chemicals but start to ask questions of the packaging that their suppliers are using.”

For more information visit www.delphiseco.com or call 0203 397 0096.


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