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Thousands expected to attend Facilities Show to discover groundbreaking innovation in sustainability, efficiency and legislation

Facilities Show will return to ExCeL London from 17-19 May 2022 to bring together Europe’s largest gathering of facilities managers and connect them with thousands of new FM products and solutions. including PHS Group, FSI, Planon, collectively showcasing the most innovative products to launch since Covid-19 with exclusives from Beckhoff Automation and ARM Environments.

Sourcing opportunities are complemented by many hours of educational content, including inspirational keynote addresses from IOSH President Louise Hosking, NedLegal CEO David Johnston, HSE chair Sarah Newton, CIRAS Director Catherine Baker, and more, plus sessions on topics including:

  • The future for safe and healthy workspaces
  • How to deliver a world class workplace that accommodates the hybrid working trend
  • Sustainability in FM
  • The roadmap to Net Zero

Visitors to this year’s Facilities Show will have a chance to:

  • Join the Immersive Smart Building Experience: Explore how the latest tech innovation can bring together facilities management, security, fire safety and employee wellbeing into one place in this unique, hands-on smart building environment.
  • Explore some of the very latest innovations in sustainability, efficiency and government legislation, many of which are on display for the first time since the pandemic, including:

Beckhoff Automation – exclusive product launch

Beckhoff Automation will exclusively launch and demo new energy monitoring terminals for the Beckhoff hardware platform that provide precise and real-time consumption date at Facilities Show.

Developed since Covid, the TF8050 Lighting Solution is an advanced ready-made software application library for the Beckhoff hardware platform and provides powerful and easily reconfigurable lighting control across multiple DALI2 networks, using a decentralized network infrastructure that significantly reduces cabling requirements.

“Lighting systems can be easily controlled and modified via the web, including such features as human-centric lighting (HCL) control, without any special programming skills. Information such as hours run, energy consumption and status monitoring, is instantly available to facility managers. BACnet/IP connectivity also enables the lighting solution to be incorporated into a wider building management system, giving it an advantage over typical stand-alone lighting control systems,” explained a spokesperson.

co-cre8 – exclusive product launch

co-cre8’s new modular, sustainable waste and recycling units, called the rBIN, will be launching at Facilities Show.

The new range focuses on providing a circular story for customers and uses materials that are already in the market. This reduces the need to source new raw materials and negative impact on the environment and provides consumers with increased trust in recycling. Better yet, co-cre8 is a proud Made in Britain member: all products are sourced and manufactured within a reliable, UK supply chain. They are also customisable.

ARM Environments – exclusive product launch

ARM Environments will exclusively launch the Smart Filtration Management at Facilities Show and will be running live demos on a number of products developed since Covid including the VeriDART Aerosol Testing.

VeriDART is a harmless DNA-tagged aerosol released into a building to mimic a cough or sneeze. Over a period of time, samples of the air are taken at numerous locations around the building to see where and how much it has spread. This technology can verify whether HVAC systems still need to be operated inefficiently with reduced recirculation. Another use is to identify rooms which are a high Covid-risk because of insufficient ventilation.

BraveGoose – exclusive product launch

BraveGoose is launching CleverGoose the HR tech platform at Facilities Show. The HR advisor in your hand 24/7, CleverGoose covers all policies and procedures, risk analysis, transcript service, coaching, template letters, timeline scheduler – the gnarly parts of HR sorted.

LUQEL Water – exclusive product launch

LUQEL will be exclusively showcasing its LUQEL water dispenser/station, the company’s first product and ‘a true innovation in the water dispensing business’.

“Not only will it take out chlorine as current water dispensers do, but it can also filter out nano-plastics, pathogens and heavy metals through reverse osmosis making this the cleanest possible water,” a spokesperson explained.

Altuity Solutions – exclusive product launch

Altuity is launching its brand-new cleaning management software module, which helps budget and resource constrained FMs and other professionals manage buildings and estates. The software covers assets, maintenance, compliance, cleaning and works with IoT enabled devices such as air quality monitors.

“Using floor plans, site plans, maps, 360-degree imagery (think Google Street View inside a building), 3D scans and aerial/drone imagery makes it easy to map data for better visual understanding and easy comprehension,” a spokesperson explained. “This is completed by analytical dashboards and reports enabling users to gain insights into their data for better outcomes.”

Slingsby – new products launching

A spokesperson from Slingsy has confirmed the company “has a constant flow of new products,” and will be demonstrating a range of products that focus on ventilation and cleaning: products that improve efficiencies in the world of online selling and the associated supply chain, as well as essential safety products.

“We have adapted our product range to meet the needs of changes in hygiene and infection control policies,” a spokesperson said. “We have extended our air quality range to include air purifiers equipped with smart technology, which have the ability to scan and measure the level of air pollutants in a room. We now also offer a wider range of ergonomic handling and lifting solutions, with a particular focus on order-picking trolleys and containers to keep up with demand for expanding warehouses.”

OPHARDT Hygiene – showcasing new products

Since Covid-19, OPHARD Hygiene has launched several dispenser series, including the most recent product line, the SanTRAL® Plus: dispensers designed for public spaces and tailored to the needs of facility management.

SanTRAL® Plus dispensers are made from a durable and robust stainless steel and ship with smart features. The dispensers transmit their fill-level, battery state and other useful data to an app via WiFi so that facility managers or the cleaning staff get an alert as soon as the dispenser needs to be refilled. The tasks are created automatically, saving time and improving efficiency.

DraftSight – new product showcase and demos

DraftSight will be demoing the recently launched 3DEXPERIENCE DraftSight: a single desktop CAD solution with cloud data management and a collaboration platform.

3DEXPERIENCE DraftSight allows teams to define and manage complex data management workflows. Data can be accessed, shared, revised, and changed, while maintaining digital continuity by incorporating Dassault Systemes’ industry leading 3DEXPERIENCE cloud platform.

Denis Rawlins – new product showcases

Denis Rawlins will be showcasing its new GermErase, FogPod, Rawlins Quantum Air Steriliser and Remove, Improve, Protect process.

  • GermErase, a breakthrough British brand and the first and only multi-surface protector proven to kill SARS-CoV-2 in under 30 seconds, and a broad range of other pathogens, with up to 99.9999% efficacy. It was the first British product to be tested against SARS-Cov-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, as opposed to proxy viruses which is how most products have been tested.
  • FogPod. With a mission to help every household and business become safer and more protected, the FogPod devices use micro-fogging technology to disperse micro water particles, in the form of fog. These tiny particles are capable of penetrating surfaces deeper and more effectively than traditional sprays. Used with the correct chemistry, this process destroys 99.999% of all known germs, bacteria, pathogens and viruses.
  • Rawlins Quantum Air Steriliser: an air sterilisation system, using industry-leading Quantum Active Field Technology to offer the highest levels of protection against bacteria, mould and viruses.

Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM)

The IWFM team will be on hand on stand FM2080 to discuss developing visitors’ skills in their current role, and answer any professional development, career or membership queries.

A Facilities Show visitor pass gives unlimited access to the entire Protection & Management Series, which includes IFSEC International, FIREX International, Safety & Health Expo and Intelligent Building Europe.

To register for a free visitor (or press) pass to all five shows taking place 17-19 May at ExCeL London, please click here.

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