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Top tips for efficient toilet facilities provision

There are legal and Regulatory obligations to provide appropriate toilets in buildings to which the public have access. But often, installation takes longer than necessary- costing time and money- just because the process has not been thought through and co-ordinated.

To help specifiers and contractors deliver a smooth project, a new “top tips” guidance document is now available, specifically for ‘away from home’ accessible toilets with bench and hoist- Changing Places and Space to Change facilities.

Produced by Clos-o-Mat, the document draws on the company’s first-hand experience as Britain’s #1 provider of away from home assistive, accessible toilets.

The quick-reference, two page guide covers key points, ranging from provision of drainage, water, electricity, through to ensuring the structure is appropriately load-bearing. It further incorporates a useful schematic, identifying what equipment should be included, and where positioned, primarily for a Changing Places toilet- a wheelchair-accessible facility that features a ceiling track hoist and height-adjustable changing bench.

“We’ve produced the Guide as a useful reference tool, to help architects, contractors deliver an efficient project in a timely fashion. Organising installation of kit, for the contractor to get to site and be unable to proceed because of poor planning, wastes time, money and delays completion. That annoys everyone involved! Yet with a little thought, it could be easily avoided,” explains Kelvin Grimes, Clos-o-Mat away from home project manager.

It is available for free, from Clos-o-Mat’s website www.clos-o-mat.com, under the downloads button. White papers and additional technical support on the specification of away from home assistive accessible toilets- including Changing Places and Space to Change facilities- are provided under the same tab.

For more information visit www.clos-o-mat.com, email info@clos-o-mat.com or call 0161 969 1199.


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