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Touch the screen and feel the power

Swindon based combustion equipment manufacturer, G P Burners, is now offering an optional touch screen interface. The TSI5000 touch screen is available with all of the company’s new PLC controlled burners and may be retrofitted to existing equipment with PLC controls. It has been designed to simplify burner operation and assist engineers in maintenance and service regimes.

The 15″ monitor features a clear graphic display for maximum visibility and ease of operation. The interface can monitor up to four boilers or burners. A functional status screen allows the operator to control burner enable, shutdown and set point adjustment.

The TSI5000 incorporates embedded ACS450 software, which facilitates password protected access to the controller. User friendly, drop down menus allow engineers to programme and monitor a range of parameters, including fuel/air ratio settings, boiler performance, trending data and fault diagnostics.

A new feature of the TSI500 is its ability to interface with a USB combustion analyser, allowing real time combustion parameters to be displayed on screen during burner set up. This allows the engineer to fine tune accurate air and fuel ratios for optimum burner efficiency, without leaving the unit, which significantly reduces set up time. 

The TSI5000 may be remotely accessed via a PC, tablet or mobile phone. This facility aids remote fault diagnostics, meaning that fewer engineer site visits are required and the correct replacement components may be despatched to site for first time fix. The system also provides for a mobile phone alert of burner lockout.

The TSI5000 acts as a document store, providing a single source for engineers to access manuals and service records. The interface is currently available for operation in English, Italian or Russian, with other languages available to order.

For further information please contact:
G P Burners (CIB) Limited
Unit 2D Hargreaves Road
Groundwell Industrial Estate
SN25 5AZ
Tel: + 44 (0) 1793 709050
Fax: + 44 (0) 1793 709060
Email: info@gpburners.co.uk
Web: www.gpburners.co.uk


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