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A Training Revolution – Cleaner Engagement Through Training 

This year UhUb launched into the market place with a new training solution.

Created due to companies constantly alluding to training that isn’t there, and understanding that training a few managers, paying a fee, and claiming that you train to ‘that’ standard, no longer convinces anyone, UhUb trains EVERY cleaner in an organisation for c.1% of the wage bill.

Designed for businesses that want to deliver the training promise they make to clients, or just prefer an inexpensive, time leveraged solution. UhUb is for those who know they need to achieve standardised, available, and demonstrable training to each employee.

Simple to launch, UhUb delivers a certificated training path consisting of 21 key lessons, develops a more productive/engaged workforce, allows for assessments, document sharing, company messaging, reporting, with options to share payslips, and audits, directly to the cleaners.

UhUb is challenging the traditional, by changing the way we think about training.

For more information visit www.uhub.co.com

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