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Turn down the volume with Forbo’s new Sarlon acoustic flooring

Sarlon Linen works beautifully in the office environment with its sophisticated 3D design and tactile, woven appearance

In a world full of noise, acoustic performance is an essential component of modern building design. Sarlon from Forbo Flooring Systems is a best in class acoustic vinyl solution that offers specifiers an unprecedented combination of high quality sound reduction and sophisticated design choice.

Careful management of sound is essential for creating comfortable environments for working or learning. Noise pollution can have adverse effects on the human body, including sleep disorders, stress, headaches and learning difficulties. The best way to reduce sound is at its source, which is why acoustic floors are a key component of offices, schools, colleges, hospitals and care homes.

The new Sarlon collection from Forbo includes floorcoverings with an impact sound reduction of 15, 17 and 19dB – as well as a comprehensive selection of fresh and inspiring colourways and designs that are perfect for a wide range of applications.

Central to the collection is Sarlon Canyon, which features a subtle tonal pattern available in a wide palette of colours – from soft sand shades to vivid trend colours such as fuscia and orange. Delivering 15dB impact sound reduction, excellent indentation resistance and rated R10 for improved slip resistance, Sarlon Canyon is a bright and versatile solution that is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Sarlon Pepper features subtle patterns and muted tones which have a tranquil effect

The muted tones and understated patterns of Sarlon Pepper and Sarlon Linen make them particularly suited to the commercial market, creating understated flooring designs that work well with products from across Forbo’s carpet tile range. Both of these ranges incorporate a variety of blue and grey colourways, which remain a popular choice in many office environments. Sarlon Pepper also features a spicy range of earth-toned shades, while Sarlon Linen has a sophisticated 3D design that gives it a tactile, woven appearance.

In modern spaces where clean lines and minimalist styling is required, Sarlon Concrete is the ideal solution. Designed to bring out earth and mineral tones within the design scheme, Sarlon Concrete is a quietly stylish choice that is perfect for forward thinking commercial buildings and public spaces. Alternatively, Sarlon Cristal also fits well into modern design concepts – with a subtle metallic fleck adding another element of visual interest to the flooring specification. Both Sarlon Concrete and Sarlon Cristal have been specifically developed with a strong architectural focus in mind.

In modern spaces, where clean lines and minimalist styling are required, Sarlon Concrete is the ideal solution

For design schemes where timber floors are the preferred finish but are impractical due to the associated installation and maintenance costs, Forbo has also developed the Sarlon Wood range – consisting of several wood collections, each with their own design characteristics and all benefitting from 17dB impact sound reduction. Similarly, Sarlon Wood Large County and Sarlon Wood XL offer bigger plank designs that are ideal for large spaces, while the modern wood colours create a sophisticated look that works well with metal and glass.

In addition, the Sarlon collection also boasts a number of eye-catching solutions that are perfect for tapping into the popular ‘colour blocking’ trend. Sarlon Code Zero and Sarlon Uni are vivid choices available in bright shades of purple, turquoise, lime and yellow – as well as more muted tones of grey and pearl – that create appealing interiors with a real sense of fun. Featuring a distinctive spotted pattern, Sarlon Code Zero makes an impact when installed on its own but is equally effective when used alongside clashing or complementary solid shades from across the Sarlon Uni range.

Sarlon Topography, with its striking organic design, will deliver the ‘wow factor’ wherever it is installed

Finally, Sarlon Topography offers a striking design that is perfect for creating statement floors with a definite ‘wow’ factor. Boasting an organic design based on land contours, it is particularly effective when installed in large spaces – delivering a unique landscape across the floor. Furthermore, true shades of black and white are available within the Sarlon Uni range, creating a dramatic monochrome effect when installed alongside Sarlon Topography.

Julie Dempster, Marketing Manager for Forbo Flooring Systems, commented: “The Building Regulations surrounding acoustic performance are becoming increasingly prevalent and so the market demand for design-focused acoustic floorcoverings is growing. The Sarlon collection delivers high levels of acoustic performance without compromising on aesthetics – as well as keeping Forbo’s environmental principles firmly in mind.

“The Sarlon collection is manufactured using green energy and modern production technology that reduces the processes involved to a minimum. The design of this collection has much lower ink consumption thanks to our new engraving technology. Forbo is a also founder member of Vinyl 2010, now known as Vinyl Plus, which is a voluntary organisation whose goal is to increase PVC recycling in Europe. With this in mind, Sarlon is rated BREEAM A for commercial and domestic applications and A+ for use in education, health and fashion retail.”

In addition to the Sarlon collection, Forbo is able to offer a family of acoustic products across its product portfolio, including Eternal Decibel (part of the General Purpose Vinyl collection), Marmoleum Decibel and Acoustic Underlay, as well as a number of solutions from within the Flotex flocked flooring collection.

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