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Turn to the toilet to achieve best practice

Public venues can increase their appeal to potential customers by up to 20%, just by changing the toilet.

Many of the UK’s 11million disabled people- 20% of the population- need specialist equipment to ‘go’ when away from home. The latest relevant British Standard- BS8300:2018- notes that inclusion of a shower/ wash dry toilet, in place of a conventional WC, enables people who do need help to undertake their intimate care with greater dignity and independence(1). IT is particularly appropriate when providing specialise assisted accessible toilets such as Changing Places or Space to Change.

The shower/ wash dry toilet also makes a WC facility more user-appropriate for people with invisible issues, who may not even be registered disabled, such as various muscular and mobility issues, continence etc.

Closomat is the UK’s brand leader, via its Palma Vita shower toilet. The Closomat looks like- and can be used as a conventional WC, thereby addressing the requirement of most people. Its integrated douching and drying, selected as required, give people who do struggle the peace of mind that they leave the washroom properly clean, dry, and odour-free.

Explains Claire Haymes, Closomat away from home specialist, “Latest figures(2) reveal that ‘bathroom’ facilities are one of the top 10 barriers to accessibility outside the home; the same report claims that, by failing to meet the demands of disabled people, businesses could be missing out on a share of £420million in revenue a week! Disabled people spend longer, and potentially more money, in venues that cater for them. Even a coffee bar with 10 covers or more has to provide customer toilet facilities. So there is both a huge potential need to and sound business reason, to accommodate the needs of disabled people.

“It is logical from a business point of view to at very least, provide one WC that encompasses most customers. Even Government guidelines suggest fewer, appropriate facilities are better than more, inappropriate ones.”

Closomat is unique in that it offers a fully CDM compliant project management service, to assess and advice on the design for an assisted accessible toilet (such as a Changing Places or Space to Change), then supply, install, commission and subsequently service & maintenance the equipment therein.

Its website www.clos-o-mat.com is the ‘go to’ resource, with a raft of support information including white papers, calling cards, CAD blocks, video and case studies.

For more information visit www.clos-o-mat.com, email info@clos-o-mat.com or call 0161 969 1199.

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