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UK’s first ever representative body for commercial tenants is launched

An independent membership organisation which aims to champion the interests of commercial property tenants and offer protection from industry malpractice has launched.

In a first for the UK commercial property market, the Commercial Tenants Association (CTA) will provide a unified and powerful voice campaigning for more rights and a fair and equitable market for more than 900,000 commercial tenants in the UK.

A recent survey conducted by the CTA of over 1,100 commercial tenants found that 75 per cent of respondents are dissatisfied with their treatment as customers, while 88 per cent lack the expertise to deal with key tenancy issues and struggle to find the support and advice they need.

The CTA has carefully curated a team of experts from across the commercial property industry that will address this imbalance by providing advice, industry insights and dedicated support to help tenants navigate the many complexities and tenancy issues they face, particularly during a turbulent economic period.

Peter Bell, Founder and CEO of the CTA, commented: “It’s never ceased to amaze me how poorly tenants are treated by landlords, property managers and agents – it’s as if they’re worthless occupiers or unwelcome guests.  Where else is a fare-paying passenger not treated like a valued customer – and which other market is geared so heavily towards the seller and not the buyer?

“The archaic and often punitive behaviour of far too many landlords and their representatives depict how the establishment and landed gentry have set the scene from centuries past.  But now, with the launch of our association, tenants have a champion in their corner who can help them fight for a fair and equitable market.”

“With so many businesses struggling to survive the pandemic, it’s more vital than ever that the underdog in the adversarial landlord/tenant relationship has someone willing to fight their corner. Today, the CTA has been established to be that champion!”

The CTA is now open to businesses of all sizes and from all sectors through a tiered membership structure.


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